Bridging Paradigms in Health – Ancestral Memories

27 August – 31 August

The Sichow Educational Foundation welcomes you to an experiential workshop presented by


Dr. Natalie Tobert 

Dr Natalie Tobert is a  a medical anthropologist with original fieldwork experience in Africa  and India.  She also did research and health promotion in UK with new migrant and refugee populations.   She  has taught in medical schools, hospitals, and universities, and facilitated seminars and retreatsin Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, andCalifornia. Natalie is the author of four books, the most recent on Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing (based on this  course) and one on Spiritual Psychiatries (based on her  fieldwork in India). She is passionately interested in spiritual thoughts around consciousness, health and social  well being.

About the Course

This training creates a bridge between mainstream education about health and what people really do for their well being. With colonisation and the global influx of new migrants and refugees, it is essential for us to understand cultural and spiritual explanations for what it means to be human, particularly in the field of mental wellbeing.

Our intention is to address an educational gap, and acknowledge the clash of beliefs between those who have different paradigms of understanding health. These seminars explore cultural intelligence and support cultural equalities in our diverse society. Our long term aim is to improve the quality of life for practitioners, clients, and us, to enhance social and global well being.


This course is suitable for front line practitioners in medicine and health care, and for other front line staff including social workers, housing officers, police, ambulance, maternity and teachers. It is also for people like us, anyone who might want to explore a more profound understanding of our fellow humans.  You are welcome.

What Topics?

The course is offered in four areas:

The Human Body and the Self

Mental Wellbeing and Altered States

Consciousness Beyond Death

Cultural U-Turns and Paradigm Change

It offers an overview of what it means to be human. Throughout we encourage participants to develop a positive awareness of cross-cultural understandings of a human being and its core experiences (including altered states of consciousness).  We discuss beliefs which may influence peoples’ access to health care.

Seminars explore current dilemmas in health practice. Case studies hint at radical challenges to common consensus and offer evidence of new paradigm thinking. The long term aim is to improve quality of life for practitioners, clients, and us: to enhance social well being, individually and globally.

The Venue

The Sichow House and Library is located 100 km from Krakow in the Polish countryside. Set in a natural parkland, our site lends itself to study and meditation. The course will include side trips to nearby sites of cultural interest.




For more information including registration please see the course leaflet

Bridging Paradigms in Health – Ancestral Memories