The reconstruction of the XVIII century park and manor, started in 2006, always had  the purpose of serving the family and the local community having also a larger sense by supporting the transmission of inherited values and giving them their current meaning.  As time has passed,  we have been adding new programs and new spaces to exemplify what these values mean to us.  Preserving memory necessary for developing identity, education as a means  of enlarging the possibilities and solidarity with people these are the key  axes of our activities.

Sichów it is a place where we hope to preserve and grow this particulary Polish bond between nature and culture.

You are welcome to cultivate it with us.


Our Location

We are located 120 km east of Kraków and 50 km from Kielce in a rolling countryside.
How to reach us:
Car: We can arrange to pick up and deliver guests at Krakow Balice Airport.
Train: The closest train stations are Tarnów and Kielce. We can pick up guests at either town.
Bus: Staszów bus station is 10 minutes from Sichów. Buses travel there frequently from Kraków

Sichów Park and Manor
Sichów Duży 88, 28-236 Rytwiany

To book guest rooms and events


Tel: (48) 510-989-750