Welcome to Sichow Educational Foundation

My husband, Paul Kieniewicz, and I have joined together with our family whose mutual effort it is to restore vitality to the manor houses and their grounds once occupied by their ancestors.
It is a great honour and a pleasure to participate in the process of reanimating these buildings after they had languished for decades in ruin. To take part in this developing project is a surprise we did not expect in our retirement years.

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Our Location

We are located 120 km east of Kraków and 50 km from Kielce in a rolling countryside.
How to reach us:
Car: We can arrange to pick up and deliver guests at Krakow Balice Airport.
Train: The closest train stations are Tarnów and Kielce. We can pick up guests at either town.
Bus: Staszów bus station is 10 minutes from Sichów. Buses travel there frequently from Kraków

Dom i Biblioteka Sichowska
Sichów Duży 88, 28-236 Rytwiany
Email: info@sichow.pl
Tel: (48) 882-490-636 (mob.), (48) 698-228-083