Registration instructions

How to Register for the Jung Seminar at Sichow House 

1. Fill in your email address in the box provided.

2. For early registration, choose the conference and the rate in the drop-down menu (Jung Double Occupancy $1,060)   OR  Jung Single Occupancy $1,260). Don’t worry — Paypal will later convert the dollar rate to Pounds or Euros.

3. Click on the PAY NOW button

4. You will see a PayPay logon screen. Click on the last button : Pay with Debit or Credit Card

5. Fill in your credit card details.

6. Click on PAY NOW

The system should then translate the dollars paid into Pounds, or other local currency and tell you what you have actually paid.

7. You will receive an email from PayPal confirming that the payment was made.

8. Amber or Paul from  Sichow House and Library will email you, confirming your registration.