Conference Center

The Orangerie – Meeting space and dining area

The dining room and meeting area

Our conference centre is ideal for educational and cultural meetings, workshops, yoga, meditation or retreats for groups of up to 25 people. We offer a bucolic atmosphere that hearkens back to the days of Polish manor houses, set in a natural parkland where your group can stay and work comfortably.

You will find spacious meeting rooms with natural lighting, a resplendent park with many paths, that encourages concentration and inspiration.

We have a large wooden deck for summer, outdoor meetings and exercises.

For concerts of readings use the Palace Room, with our grand piano

Smaller meeting areas around the fireplace for a more intimate setting

Orangerie set up for meditation seminar

Sichów park. Many of our trees are 200 years old.

All rooms can be equipped with projectors and screen and WiFi.

At Sichów we have 13 rooms that can house up to 25 people. We have a modern, well-equipped kitchen. We offer various diets that can be adapted to individual needs including Polish, American and vegetarian.

We offer transportation to and from Kraków airport.

Contact us for rates and for bookings.